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June, 2021: The Rich Get Richer...

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In 2021, the richest marketers discovered a BUYER TRAFFIC SECRET : Something that lets them get 1-click subscribers... get fast buyer traffic... and make sudden affiliate commissions ON DEMAND...

Something that, until now, had been KEPT SECRET BY APPLE AND GOOGLE...

But now the secret was out of the bag! And, as you read this, these first-movers are sending millions of FRESH BUYER CLICKS to any affiliate link - with a NEW 1-click list technology...

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EXPOSED! Google & Apple's NEW List - Building Technology Lets You Collect Unlimited Leads, & Send Fast Instant, Traffic-Getting Messages To 3 Billion Internet Users... In 53 Seconds - Now, Let Me Ask You A Question..

Do you want to make money online?

If so...

You've heard the saying: "The MONEY is in the LIST"

And, after $20 million in sales, I can tell you: "It's MORE true in June 2021 ...than it's EVER BEEN"

That's why, in 2021, the ENTIRE GLOBAL ECONOMY revolves around the "list"...

Google and Apple make trillions with push notifications on their phones

All the ClickBank & JVZoo sellers build huge buyer lists

Many of the top super affiliates send their best traffic via email

Every eCom site build multiple lists - email, retargeting, etc

Even celebrities are "ranked" by their lists - fans, subscribers & followers

Trillion-dollar companies will do anything to add users to their "ecosystem"

In fact, you're probably well aware that... in June 2021...

EVERYONE is building huge audiences & lists!

It's how you make money... it's how you make commissions...

It's how you drive traffic on tap... it's how you build real passive income...

If you're reading this, you probably LOVE the IDEA of HAVING your own list. You probably LOVE the idea of HAVING the INCOME that list-owners have (just one blast regularly makes me "job-killing income" of $500-$3,000).

And you probably don't need convincing that "the money is in the LIST" - specifically a LIST who actually opens and CLICKS your buy links...

None of this is "the question"

I don't need to convince you that having your own is THE best way for you to quit your job and make a full-time, five/six/seven figure income from the Internet.

The question is: how exactly can YOU do it...

Even if you're a newbie with no list, no traffic, no product and no capital...

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Login to the cloud-based app & create your new instant list


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Send unlimited broadcasts & followups to your new list

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I'm Chris. And, I'm About To Show You The Holy Grail Of UNLIMITED BUYER TRAFFIC In June 2021! Something NEW That's Making Me $300-500/day With A NEW, 1-Click List-Building Technology...

I JUST I found a BRAND NEW traffic technology...

Something that made me TEAR UP everything I knew...

Something that REWRITES the way you look at money-making...

By letting you create unlimited traffic, make huge commissions - and build a list in - 1 click...

By using the same technology that Apple and Google use to make billions...

I'm talking about a new list-building technology... that lets you build an instant buyers list on any website or blog... something completely new called...

I'm talking about something completely new called...

"PUSH NOTIFICATIONS" - which let people subscribe to your list DIRECTLY, with NO autoresponder.

And once they signup, YOU can send them a message (broadcast or followup), in less than 60 seconds...

DIRECTLY & INSTANTLY, into their browser, with huge images & clickable buttons...

And do it over-and-over, 24/7, with no deliverability issues!

Now, this is different to notifications on your phone (which Apple and Google currently use to maintain their iron-grip on the global economy)

I'm talking about BROWSER notifications, especially to DESKTOP devices (where all the buyers are!)

These just plain work, get massive deliverability, huge clicks, and allow you to send fast buyer traffic...

Plus, since very few people are doing it, you don't need to worry about people getting 'inbox blindless'.

And best of all, it's SO easy to do...

You simply add one line of code to your website...

Then when people click "Yes" to signup...

They're instantly added to your list!

Then you just use my method to "copy and paste" any website you want to promote - and send a super-targeted, highly-clickable, rich-media promo!

I'll explain exactly how I've AUTOMATED this opportunity, in a second...

But... first LOOK at what makes this FRESH & NEW technology so powerful...

And SO VERY NECESSARY for average people who want to LIST-BUILD in 2021...

"Build A List If YOU Want To Profit!" OK... But... In June 2021, Everyone Wants To Build A List....
But How Can The "Little Guy" Compete With 100k Email Lists?
ESPECIALLY: When The Best Buyers' Inbox Looks Like THIS¬

Feel Like You'll NEVER Have A $300 Day?
Have You Tried Building A List & FAILED MISERABLY?

...Don't Worry. 99% Of Affiliates Have Too... Now,
Here’s Why Push Notifications Could Change Your Life... RIGHT NOW
  • Instant subscription- one click and they’re on your list - no name or email required...
  • No autoresponders- no monthly expenses, getting banned or worrying about deliverability...
  • Higher open rates- because you aren’t competing with 1,000 other marketers...
  • Higher click rates- because you send directly into people’s browser...
  • Less time spent- no need to write “clever” email subjects or long "copy". Send in 1 minute!
  • Huge profit edge- no-one else is doing this in June 2021 (and not with my NEW "2025-technology")...
Push Notifications Work Because They Deliver Huge, Visual Images & Buyer Buttons - Right into the Visitor’s Browser window - And They Do It Instantly & Directly, with images, text & CTA button...

It’s an orgy of clickability! Images....copy...native buttons for Windows & Mac (it looks like these are messages sent by the OS itself!)...

<==LOOK! They are BIG, visual & VERY clickable, and...
Best of all, you can easily just “cut out” images from whatever website you’re promoting (actually, software does it automatically! Keep reading...)
So you’re getting huge clicks AND targeted clicks!
Now push messages are "rich media" & catch the eye - with a headline, subheadline, big image, small image...
Plus a “call to action” button, which again drives targeted traffic (“get traffic now”, “profit as an affiliate” , etc)....
But here’s the main takeaway when it comes to push.... These notifications REALLY stand out... so, they...

Lterally POP out of nowhere & take up about 20%-40% of the screen, with a HUGE RICH MEDIA PREVIEW of the sales letter, affiliate program or website you're promoting!

....which is why we’re getting the huge traffic you see on this page with push (keep reading for the proof)!

The only question is: when are YOU going to join the future, with this new, cutting-edge "rich media list building" technology, which was previously the secret of the tech GIANTS?

Now, when no-one knows about it... or in 18 months when everyone is jumping on it?

Isn't it time YOU got in "on the ground-floor" on a new, ground-shaking technology - for once?

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10 clicks from 75 push subscribers
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119 clicks from 718 push subscribers

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Calculate How Many Push Leads You Need to Quit Your Day Job

You need an annual of $35,000 to quit your job and become a full-time marketer. Your stats:

You have decided to build subscribers worth $7 per month.

That means you need to generate less than 14 subscribers per day to quit your job.

Now keep reading... to see how my cloud-based "push-autoresponder" is a GAME-CHANGER for average marketers, and how I'm hitting average $ per subscriber numbers WELL beyond anything I've seen with my email buyer lists... in over 10 years!... This is how I'm generating THOUSANDS of clicks and $300 days.. on autopilot!

Now Here’s Why You NEED To Build A Push List -Today
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Finally Build A Buyers List

Get a huge edge, with a new technology that's 100x easier and more profitable then email.

TURNKEY System (No writing)

Build your list in seconds with my DFY instant website... just enter your affiliate link & send unlimited traffic!

Explode Your Current $$$

Turn any visitor, email lead or customer into a repeat buyer - by getting them on your push list..

Collect, Followup, Broadcast

Only Pushable includes all the features of a marketer-friendly autoresponder...but with push!

Double up your leads with push

Get your leads on email AND push, so you can hit them two ways. 2x your distribution!

100% Automated

Includes DFY list-building website, software that turns any website into a push message and much more ...

FINALLY! 3 STEPS TO UNLIMITED TRAFFIC, COMMISSIONS... AND BUYER LEADS! : How Im Making $1,015/Week Affiliate Commissions, With Push Notifications & My AUTOMATED SOFTWARE..


Collect Subscribers From ANY Website & Send Instant Messages Into Their 100 Seconds!

First we copy our embed code & paste it to our website (don't have a website? I'll give you a DFY instant hosted website)...

Now whenever someone visits our website, they will see the popup message.

Anyone who clicks 'yes', will get subscribed to our list That's it!

PLUS, I'm Including DFY Website-Building Software, Preloaded With Your Buyers Leads & Giving Away My Softwares & Training (Preloaded Into The Followup Sequence, Discussed Next) - Giving You An Instant, Done For You, Hosted Website, Preloaded With Your Optin Code & 100% DoneForYou Followup Sequence... !

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Queue Up Your Followup Sequence For Daily Passive, Autopilot Traffic & Commissions

Now your leads are subscribed, so it's time to get traffic & commissions...

With Pushable you can send both followup messages AND monetize passively!

With Pushable you can queue up followup messages between 0 to 14 days...

Your messages are sent exactly 24 hours from when the customer subscribed, so they work with any timezone

And, in case you wanted to get started right away... you can also use my pre-created templates!

Setting up your daily followups only takes a few seconds, and it means anyone who subscribes will get your messages sent daily...

And that means you'll be getting a constant stream of traffic and commissions from your new leads, 100% passively and on autopilot...

That's what makes my "Done For You" push templates so powerful!

Heck, I've even included promos for top-selling EVERGREEN offers for JVZoo, Warrior and ClickBank...

AND, giveaway templates (giving away my free software & content) to drive value (KEEP READING!)...

All you need to click once to load the template, then...

Edit the affiliate link (and maybe tweak a few things if you want), then queue your message!

It's easy to find the template you want: filter by niche, view the CTR I got, and much more...

  • Make up to $3,000 per subscriber...- Make up to $3,000 per subscriber...
  • Make up to $3,000 per subscriber... Add up to 99x followups for daily free traffic
  • Automated timezones... Your followups are sent at the subscribers timezone
  • Includes my $20k lead magnets - Give these away to get people subscribed!
  • Copy & tweak my proven templates - Copy & tweak my proven templates...
  • Setup your followups in 5 minutes - With my templates, you can get setup fast...

I'm Generating $300 DAYS From 100% Passive Followups & You Could Get Subscribers & Commissions Like Me...


Send Unlimited Broadcast Messages To All Your Subscribers In Seconds - From The Cloud (Blast Your New List & Drive Unlimited Traffic To ANY Website Or Affiliate Link!)

Once you're collecting leads and sending autoresponder messages on auto-pilot...

Its time to send broadcast push notifications.

Broadcast your push notifications at any time, to any lists...

So you can drive UNLIMITED buyer traffic to ANY affiliate program or website at any time...

And YES you can create unlimited lists to segment your leads for even higher EPCs!

And remember, you can also use my done for you template pack to send broadcast messages too!

So why are these push messages generating such massive profits and traffic for me? Well... just look at the RICH MEDIA you can include in any push notification (whether broadcast or followup)...

  • Huge Image... at 512x256, these take up almost all the screen!
  • Big Headline... up to 96 characters to grab attention
  • Description... up to 255 characters to describe benefits
  • Small Icon - a second 192x192 image makes push messages even more impactful
  • Chrome CTA Button - "click here" button adds an extra 30% to Clicks from our testing!
  • Send time - we'll tell you the 5x best times to send your messages
So... Isn't This YOUR TIME To Collect Subscribers in 1 Click On ANY Website From Every Visitor, On Every Device, And Every Browser, Including....





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Who Can Benefit From Push, Other Than Apple & Google? The Short Answer: "ANY Type of Marketer or Affiliate!"

Building a list is where the money is at... and "Push" Changes The Game...

Pushable is the ONLY list-building tool built specifically for marketers like YOU...

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Solo Ads

...Plus, POWER & SCALE: Pushable Includes Elite Features,
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  • Send unlimited notifications to your customers browser with ZERO monthly fees
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you will never be "limited" and you can scale up your business with unlimited leads & subscribers.


you can send unlimited broadcast & followup messages to each new subscriber who joins.


you can embed your optin code on as many domains as you want (including the hosted DFY website we give you).


You'll finally be able to build a list, get traffic and generate profits - with LIFETIME access to this cloud-based app...

EVERYTHING You Need To Profit & Build Your First 10,000 Traffic-Getting BUYER List Is Already Built & Pre-Loaded Inside This Cutting-Edge, Cloud-Based Software Suite

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20+ Videos On How To Profit With Push Notifications

..Here's a sneak peek of some of the topics we'll discuss

How to Write Push Messages

Dive deep into my templates and learn my "send in 1 minute" trick

Push Hall Of Fame

I'll run through my top 20 all-time push affiliate promotions!

Affiliate Marketing with Push

Inside my "3 step" method (that averaged me $200-300+ commissions per blast).

Best Times To Send Push

I crunched the times & days to send... based on 100 messages!

Best Traffic For Push

Discover the traffic source that took doubled my leads with push

Push vs Email: Overview

Learn why push is a better list-building method for most!

Using Followup Sequences

Learn how I use the followup sequence to drive traffic, get profits & build engagement.

Using Broadcast Messages

Learn why some of my marketing buddies refer to me as the master blaster!

Many more advanced tips

With over 20 videos, I cover everything from the basics to super advanced tricks!

Bonus 1

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While you can add your push list-building code on any website, we're also included our DFY push landing page - fully hosted, and just a few clicks away. Simply enter your affiliate link, paste your optin code, choose your URL and click publish to launch your new list-building website in seconds!

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We've made tens of thousands of dollars with push, and now we're giving you our exact campaigns, preloaded into the software. Simply replace our affiliate link with yours and blast!

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Even though my Pushable software preloads everything into one cloud-based technology, I'm almost going to dig-deeper with you, and explain how it all works - with over 20 video training...

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This technology has been jealously hoarded by Google & Apple... but today, it's in YOUR HANDS...

So you can build a list.. and send followup and broadcast messages..

With an INFINITELY higher deliverability and click through rate than email!

Can you see how NEW and different this is?

Building a list has never been this new, easy.. and exciting!

So there you have it. The secret is out.

Pushable is a fresh new way to build a list, with push notifications, in 2021...

So, you're finally playing the 'list building" game with the deck stacked firmly in your favor...

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